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Manager Fumes Over Faulty Pen

Ozzie Guillen is certainly no stranger to profanity-laced tirades. The manager regularly goes off on his team or others when he feels it necessary. You only have to go back to opening day of this year to find a classic Ozzie comment. While his players prepared for their opener against the Indians, Guillen was letting the MLB know his thoughts about their scheduling ability. Ozzie stated how it was "very stupid to play in Cleveland right now".

ozzie guillen
Ozzie is fed up with his bullpen

Sound bites aside, Ozzie is currently in a situation that would aggravate any manager. His team saw their third late inning lead of the week vanish last night against the Oakland A's. To put it mildly, the team's bullpen has not been one of its stronger points so far this season. But this is Ozzie Guillen we're talking about, and he is not one mince words.

I usually don't pay Guillen much mind, but I do feel bad for the manager in this situation. The team boasts one of the league's hottest lineups. White Sox starters have posted a sub 4.00 ERA. Even with these two phases hitting on all cylinders, the Sox have only managed a 7-5 record. If their bullpen was even somewhat effective, they could be 9-3, and this is still allowing relievers 2 early blown saves.

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Two Chicago relievers have double digit ERA's while Matt Thornton, the man crowned closer this spring, has his sitting at 7.71. The White Sox players have got to be feeling the effects, while this display must be absolutely agonizing for fans. At this point it is probably in the player's minds every game, and starters may start pressing to secure wins and avoid the bullpen.

matt thornton
Thornton has blown 4 save opportunities this year

I think there is some hope in Chi Town; the pen is not as bad as they've pitched thus far. They've gotten solid contribution from former Twin Jesse Crain, and Thornton and the others cannot possible keep this pace up. While Ozzie doesn't have the option of calling up former White Sox pitcher Bobby Thigpen as he's stated, he could certainly make some roster moves if his pen does not start responding.
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